Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oregon Coast Part 3 'Evening Campfire'

Oregon Coast Part 3
'Evening Campfire'
Yup... that's right... we are still on day one here. We made it to our destination: Netart's Bay Oregon
Grandpa Davolt is talking to JD (duh)

The kids found a little spot to play. This drift wood/root thingy kept them pretty entertained for quite a while.
Hi, I'm JD. I love everyone and they love me back! (Unless I'm grumpy or teething, but we don't have to talk about that right now.)
It looks so fun on the other side of the fence.
JD has to share the title of 'Cutest Little Boy' with a couple boys. This is one of them.
Some of the fam trying to stay warm around the campfire.
I think everyone had a turn keeping track of JD for a little bit. Here Grandpa is following him around while he explores.

Jesse built an amazing camp fire (one of his awesome talents).   Just perfect for roasting marshmallows. Look at those coals!!!

This was a precious moment. Such joy on their faces.

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