Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One long road trip 3/31-4/5

Road Trip!!
Our first nephews baby shower!
Visiting with Grandparents and lots of family!!

We went on a road trip! It started out on a Thursday after work. We met my dad and mom in Ontario Oregon and picked up my sister Jianna. We then drove to Couer d'Alene Idaho where we had a free hotel room (complements of the AmeriTel Inns for my 5th anniversary with the company!)!  
The majority of  Friday we just hung out at the hotel, swimming and watching movies. Friday evening we went to Jesse's Uncle Gary and Aunt Sherry's in Spokane for dinner and visiting. We stayed Friday night at the hotel again (A great perk of working at a hotel is major discounts!)
Saturday morning we went back to the Brooten's for Erin's baby shower. The men went to Cabela's while the ladies did the baby shower thing. Unfortunately I left my camera in the car and Jesse had the keys. :(  Saturday night we stayed with Jesse's cousin Dave and Kristy in Spokane.  
Early Sunday morning we left for Seattle. We wanted to leave early enough to make Church but that didn't happen. We met our friends the Taylor's for lunch at Red Robin. We got to meet their new baby boy Micah! After lunch we were able to spend a few wonderful hours with Jesse's grandparents. We then had dinner with my Uncle Rob and Aunt Marlene at Spiro's Pizza and Pasta, Jesse's fav pizza place EVER! We stayed Sunday night with my aunt and uncle in Bothell. 

JD and Auntie M!

JD and Jianna on Auntie M's stairs

Monday morning we headed to Portland to see Jesse's brother Jeff, his adorable pregnant wife Erin, and Jesse's sister, Jenn.

Tuesday we went to a park close by and then went bowling.

JD's tripped and fell on the walk back from the park


Finally getting along a little

Jianna and JD's first time bowling! 

 Jesse's bowling shoes and hairy legs




After lunch Tuesday we headed home. We made a quick stop in Pilot Rock to see Jesse's Aunt MaryLynn and Uncle Terry.
Dropped Jianna off in Parma at 1 in the morning and finally made it home at 2! Straight to bed and slept in late the next morning!! We had Wednesday off work, thank goodness!

It was a long trip and we had so much fun!