Monday, July 26, 2010

Oregon Coast Part 5 'Just Hangin'

Oregon Coast Part 5
'Just Hanging'
July 17 2010

Here we all are! I believe this picture is just missing Chris, he had to leave for work earlier that day.

Grandma was pushing JD around in this toy Jeep. He wanted to be just like Mommy and Daddy in their Jeeps. So much fun!

Playing some Golf with Uncle Steve, Dave, Grandma, Aunt Sherry and Jesse

Mr. B
A couple competitors for 'cutest little boy' are having some down time reading JD's books.
Grandma playing with JD on the pirate ship playground.

Hold on tight!

Following JD around again

Cleaning crabs. Its a lot of work for not a lot of meat. However, it tastes soooooo goooood!

Not as high up as Uncle Jeff but still pretty fun!

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