Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One quick Saturday

This past Saturday (5-15-20) Jeff, and Erin were here for just one day. We had the whole family together. So we decided to go to a park (Eagle Island State Park) and then a Hockey game at night. We had a lot of fun but it was a VERY long day.

The day started at David and Melody's house

JD is giving Grandpa a high 5

Eagle Island State Park

Everyone is making sure JD
doesn't fall in!

Looking at the water with Daddy.

Awe! So cute!

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Erin

Awe again! Its us!

We walked ALL the way around the lake!! If I
had known that was the plan I would have
waited for them somewhere in the shade.
Oh well... it was exercise.

Ok... So I believe this is a goat!! Yup a goat!
Someone was cooking this in the park!!! PUKE!

Hockey Game
Steelheads v. Cincinnati
0-1 final

Brian W. was able to get us all free passes to the game! Thanks B!

I love my daddy!!

Erin saying HI

JD is wondering what this is all about.

It was fun night hanging out with the family.
However there there was no score until the last 20 seconds!
So the game was kinda dull. There wasn't even a bloody fight or anything.

JD sitting like a big boy in his own chair.

That was our day in a nut shell.