Saturday, May 04, 2013

JD turns 4!

I seriously can't believe that JD is 4 now! I know I say "I can't believe he is..." every single year. But, really its hard to believe. He is such a wonderful boy. He is sweet, kind, and he adores his sister! It has been such a joyous 4 years watching him grow, learn new things, and start to grasp Jesus' love.

I feel like I had been planning JD's party for the longest time. A few months ago I received some Superhero birthday supplies from a friend of mine and right away started searching on Pinterest for ideas. I have been excited for his birthday party ever since (except the turning 4 part). A Superhero party!

Every year I take a picture of him wearing Huskies clothing and these rain boots. The rain boots are getting closer to fitting him now!

Our gift to JD (OK mostly Jesse's gift) was a tree fort. We tried to keep it a secret but Jesse thought it might be more fun for JD to help build it.
This was the area before the fort

Little sister hanging out while Mommy tries to help Daddy.

Helping Daddy
Here is the final project! I wanted to take more pictures of the stages... but you know how it is. I am so stinking proud of Jesse! It has 2 levels a ladder up the tree and an awesome slide. There are plans for a swinging rope too. Jesse worked on it all week and ended up finishing about an hour before the party. Its so much fun and all the kids had a great time. 

Now for all of my Pinterest ideas! Some of which morphed into my own ideas. I really wanted to have capes and masks for all the kids and it had to be affordable and easy (easy so I don't freak out and wish I had not started something so big). I bought cheap T shirts from a second hand store and made capes out of them. Then I found 50% off coupons to JoAnn's fabric store and bought a bunch of felt for the masks and the Superhero logos. In ALL my spare time I cut out the logos and masks, but it was worth it! I had the kids pick out the superhero logos, masks, and capes and then the mommy's hot glued them together.
There were more colorful capes, I just forgot to take a picture before kids took some.

There was Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Spiderman, and Superman. I do realize that a lot of those characters do not wear capes.


 The next part of the party was PIZZA! Papa Murphy's has these awesome Mini Murphs and kids can put together their own pizzas! As you can see the mom's kinda had to help out with this too.

After the kids made their pizzas I cooked some regular sized pizzas for the adults.

After pizza JD opened his gifts. He "actually" got a motorcycle! Just like he had been telling everyone he wanted!

 Parties are all about the CAKE right? Well, I don't know about that but, I was uber excited about the cake. A new friend of mine, Emily Sturgeon, used to have a cake business and she brought some fondant over and taught/helped me make the Superman cake! There was some fondant left over so last minute I made a Spiderman cake too!

We started singing to him and he got all sorts of nervous. IT was adorable!

 It was an awesome party and I was only stressed out a wee bit. Thanks to all the friends and family that made it! It wouldn't have been the same with out you! Here are some fun pictures before you leave. : D

JD and his best buddy Titus

JD and his favorite teenage Aunt, Aunt Jianna... AKA Green Lantern.

We even made Elliott a Superwoman cape.
Sliding with Daddy!

 Poor baby Barrett didn't want to be Spiderman!



Titus and Aunt Buffy


Brother and Sister

The Birthday Boy!

Miss Jessica and Elliott