Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brittanys shower

This is my cousin Brittany (used to be) Hoff. We had a bridal shower for her.

My little munchkin.

Onnah, my cousin Heather's daughter

Aunt Loretta

My momma

Brittany and JD

Fay, Aunt Loretta, Mom, Jessica K.

Brit, getting ready to open presents.

Oh my... whats this???

Oh Dear... that was pretty embarrassing for poor Brittany. I wont show what it was...

Mandy made this adorable apron!

The Bouquet

Miss Jessica Kenning!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bully Creek 6/6-8/10

In my high school years I had two best friends. I am blessed to say that they are still my best friends today. This is the 2nd year that we have gotten together with our families and went camping at Bully Creek in Vale Oregon.

Jessica, Stefanie, and Nicole

Titus belongs to Stefanie, Macey belongs to Nicole, and obviously JD is mine, haha.

Nicole had this blow up raft that they had so much fun playing on.

Attack Macey!!

Stef and Titus

Titus and JD

Left to right...
Nicole, her hubby Danny. Jesse.
Scott, Stefanie's hubby, and Stefanie at the end.
I think Macey was sleeping.


Scott sleeping.

JD having some issues. Jesse has no idea what the problem is.

Awww... Macey!

I was having some fun with my camera... thought it was pretty cool!

Cookin' some breakfast.

Sleepy boy! Just like his daddy.

Stef and Scott

Having some fun.

Yay!!! CAMPING!!