Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Boar Hunt!

Jesse and I went on our pig hunt last week. We had a lot of fun! 
Jesse was hunting with a long bow his uncle made for him and I had a 270.
Taking a couple practice shots before heading out.

Trying to sneak up on them.

This lady was 15ish yards away, she had some babies and kept snorting at us to go away.

Big horn sheep!

Jesse trying to get close to some pigs. He got a boar with his arrow! When I saw the boar  it was running in circles, the arrow was sticking out through its shoulder, and it was squealing like crazy. It did that for a few second then the squealing stopped and the pig disappeared! We trailed the blood for a while, with Jesse's cousins help, we found the arrow that had gone all the way through, but we never found the pig. Jesse's Aunt and Uncle said it looked like a lung shot and it probably wouldn't die for a day or 2. We were VERY disappointed, especially since this was Jesse's first time using a long bow.

We didn't not go home skunked this hunting trip though. Jesse, Jesse's Aunt ML, and I cornered a bunch of pigs and I actually shot one. I felt so bad at first because (when the scope was down) the boar look like a baby! I seriously thought I had shot a baby! It was that small. I was assured by Aunt ML that it was not a baby, and just a small female.

This picture kinda shows how small mine was. My boar is on the left and the one one the right was a medium size.

Trying to find a knife.
Don't worry! This will be the only picture of me gutting it out.

And this is the only one of me skinning it. 

We had a really fun day and came home EXHAUSTED!!!