Thursday, March 07, 2013

A little craft project

So JD and I made a spring door wreath out of egg cartons! I saw it on Pinterest, of course. I had a bunch of egg cartons that I felt like I could do something crafty with. This is what I had in mind when I started:

However, we got started and it turned out totally different in the end!

The beginning...

It was a huge mess!

The pieces before we painted them.

JD painted all the leaves and a few of the flowers too!

 Originally I was going to use cardboard, that I had cut into a ring, as the base part of the wreath. However, when I started putting the flowers on the cardboard I thought it look terrible.

 I remembered this picture frame I got at a second hand store for less than $1!

 So I sanded it down a bunch and then glued the flowers and some ribbon on it.

 Totally different that what I had planned but it works and JD and I had a fun time making it!

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