Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JD's First Birthday Party

JD's First Birthday!!!
We had a party at the park for JD's birthday!
I can't believe he is ONE already!! It was just
yesterday that I was in the hospital being handed
my slimmy, wet, adorable little bundle of joy.
Oh the memories!

JD and Gomer (Jianna's dog)

This is little Macey.

JD and Macey

A few of our guest, Melody, Gram L, Brian, Jenn

Moe, Monica, Nichole, and many more wonderful
friends and family that love JD!

As you will see in all the pictures after this point
JD has a fat lip. The poor little guy fell off a cooler
and landed flat on his face onto concrete. The whole
right side of his his face was beat up. He had a
good cry, fell asleep, then was ready for more!

JD and his first birthday cake!
(I am pretty proud of that cake, by the way)

(I also made some cupcakes)

Ah... yes, Daddy taught JD how to destroy a cake.
(all my hard work)

Yummy! Mommy how come you never let me have
cake before???

Opening presents! YAY!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Silly Bottle

For some strange reason I really like this bottle
I know it might be weird. I filled it with
popcorn seeds (for now). I love it!

JD's First Easter

April 4th 2010
So I am finally starting to get caught up on my posting...
Just a few more and I got it!
We had a wonderful dinner at David and Melody's with Don, Marilyn, and Brian Whitford, Grandma L, and my folks and sister.

Here is the little guy!

Our new little family.

Don, Marilyn and Us.

Don, Marilyn, and JD

4 Generations!

Grandma and Grandpa

Sweet baby!

Papa, Nana, and Aunt Jianna

Givin' B a high five

Great Gram L