Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JD's First Birthday Party

JD's First Birthday!!!
We had a party at the park for JD's birthday!
I can't believe he is ONE already!! It was just
yesterday that I was in the hospital being handed
my slimmy, wet, adorable little bundle of joy.
Oh the memories!

JD and Gomer (Jianna's dog)

This is little Macey.

JD and Macey

A few of our guest, Melody, Gram L, Brian, Jenn

Moe, Monica, Nichole, and many more wonderful
friends and family that love JD!

As you will see in all the pictures after this point
JD has a fat lip. The poor little guy fell off a cooler
and landed flat on his face onto concrete. The whole
right side of his his face was beat up. He had a
good cry, fell asleep, then was ready for more!

JD and his first birthday cake!
(I am pretty proud of that cake, by the way)

(I also made some cupcakes)

Ah... yes, Daddy taught JD how to destroy a cake.
(all my hard work)

Yummy! Mommy how come you never let me have
cake before???

Opening presents! YAY!!


  1. I can't believe he is 1! He is such a cute little guy - I love it when you guys stop by and we get to see him. Thanks for the picture also! The boys look at it and talk about JD and then go put their hats on backwards to be like "Uncle Jesse".

  2. SERIOUSLY!!??? ONE!! When did that happen?!?
    He is so adorable! We will have to have you all visit so we can see how big he is getting!
    Love the pictures...that cake is amazing! I love the tip you used...I'll have to try that sometime! It looks fun!
    Miss you all!
    (ps...I think that bottle is awesome too!)