Monday, October 04, 2010

Our 5th Anniversary!!

Jesse and I have been married 5 years! It feels like such a short time ago that all I wanted was to be his wife (I suppose 5 years IS a short time for people that have been married 20ish years). I'm a pretty blessed lady!

Jesse surprised me with staying at this hotel in Baker City! I didn't know where we were going until we pulled up.
This was our room! Right on the corner!
Here is a small tour of our room:                                                        This is the first thing we saw when we came in. Minus our junk on the couch of course.
This was the softest bed I have ever slept in. I felt engulfed in cushiony, feathery, weight less, softness. Amazing!!

This is the chandelier in the center of the room.
This is the chandelier in the breakfast nook. 
Next you see the gorgeous breakfast nook

Next you go down the small hall way into the bathroom (the bed was on the left of this hall way)

Jetted tub!

This is the shower and toilet room.
Toilet room! Perfect for Jesse! :)
The chandelier in the bathroom
This was the view from the breakfast nook!!
Isn't Gods beauty captivating!?!
We took a little tour of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

So Jesse pretty much lost his voice and we didn't talk very much. It was sad. One time, in this interpretive center, he walked away to find some water, and I swear I couldn't find him for 20 minutes. He had taken away my phone for our 'weekend' so  I couldn't even call him.
A sheep for my BFF. HA HA
MY HUSBAND!! (Yup! After 5 years I still love saying that.) Taking in the view

There we are!

I was about to climb on in, but, decided that I'm an adult now so I should refrain myself. (plus it didn't say anywhere that is was ok)

A little extra cheese anyone??
It was an amazing, relaxing 'weekend' with my incredible groom of 5 years!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Kitchen Sink Bath Time



Smiling at Daddy, I sure love Daddy!

Telling secrets, like how to splash mommy.

Daddy got me!

Baby see, baby do, especially when your 7 months 'till two!

 Trying to hard to rhyme :)

Getting sleepy

ooooo...... toys!

Being silly