Friday, July 17, 2009

The Shed

One morning Jesse jumped out of bed and said, "I'm going to Home Depot and buying stuff to build a shed." and that was the beginning of 'The Shed'. We bought some supplies and started building a frame. However, that frame was not built right... so Jesse and I took it apart and started building it again. At the end of a hot and tiring day we pretty much had the 2nd frame finished. That night at youth group Jesse convinced Heath and Steve (his good friends) to lend a helping hand.
The 3 guys decided since we put the frame together with nails that they needed to take it apart AGAIN and build it with screws. They came up with blue prints and then started building 'The Shed".

It took quite a bit of thought and planning...
and extra help from J.D.

One day while daddy was outside being a builder,
mommy needed to get some work done so J.D. got to try out his bouncer.
Boy did he love his bouncer!!

It took about a month...

But "The Shed" is pretty much finished now...

It still needs molding and painted...

I am very proud of all the work the guys did on our shed.
It looks awesome!
(Even though all the sweat I put in didn't turn into anything, we did learn from our mistakes.)

p.s. Thanks Heath and Steve!
My little brother Javan's 18th Birthday


Javan fell asleep on the couch with JD. It was so stinking cute.