Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing in the water at grandmas

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oregon Coast part 6 "Talent Show"

Oregon Coast Part 6
"Talent Show"
July 17 2010
So we were supposed to have a talent show were every had to participate. It ended up that some of the kids did the talent show and then everyone played charades later.
(I didn't get pictures of the charades, sorry.)

Isn't Miss H. (not sure if parents want names on here) amazing!! She did it without shoes on in the lumpy, pokey grass! Look at the view of the ocean in the background!

Mr. A. and Mr. S. showing off their mad skills on their Razor scooters.
Mr. Z. showing us all how a good hunter is supposed to do it.

Miss M. singing (I think) 'How great is our God'! I Don't think she could get any more adorable
Then we have the Golter family with their adorable Golter ditty/rap song.
...and then the boys start break dancing! It was so funny! Mr. O. even borrowed 'Uncle' (but really cousin) Jesse's hat.

Mr. C with some totally amazing moves!