Monday, August 15, 2011

Meeting Nathan Davolt

Jesse, JD, and I took a trip to Portland to meet JD's first cousin, Nathan Jefferson Davolt. We fell in love with the little guy and we had a blast visiting Jeff, Erin, and Jennifer.

Every year the Davolts have a pizza partyish thing. The looser of our March Madness bracket is supposed to buy everyone else pizza. However, David and Melody usually end up paying for the pizza. :) 

After the pizza partyish thing we went to the BEACH at Wi-Ne-Ma Christian Camp.

Nathans first beach trip!

The Davolt Family!

Dancing on the beach with Aunt Erin

Playing with Grandpa in the Ocean

Little boy footprints

That says Jess...

Proud Grandma!

Cute little (big) Nathan!

JD loves his little cousin!

Giving hugs

Monday, August 08, 2011

Photos were deleted

WHAT? Apparently pictures of potty training are not supposed to be on a blog... They were not dirty or anything but I guess there are some pretty creepy people out there with perverted minds. Oh well. There are a few pics on my facebook