Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby #2

Now that I'm almost in my second trimester I decided to post that we are expecting again! June 2nd 2012! (Which also happens to be our nephew, Nathans first birthday and it would have been my Grandpa and Grandma Hendricks' 72nd wedding anniversary.)

Thanks to Pinterest "I" had the idea to take some family pictures with a pair of empty baby shoes/boots, as the method of  breaking the good news to our families. Jesse thought it would be great to do it as a Christmas card.

It turned out pretty perfect because Jesse's side of the family, Jeff, Erin, and Jennifer, came down over Veterans Day weekend to celebrate an early Thanksgiving. So we gave them their "Christmas cards" (a bit early) on Saturday morning. The next day was Sunday and it also happened to be my dad's birthday. So, we made plans to celebrate his birthday, and also my sister-in-law, Leona's birthday as well. We handed out their "Christmas cards" during this time. Everyone seems pretty excited and I think everyone, besides Jesse, is cheering for a girl. :)

We would like to thank Stefanie Schnackenberg for taking these pictures and Jennifer Whiteman for editing them!