Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Karaoke Night at youth group 09-23-09

We had a karaoke night at the middle school youth group that we help out with. It was a lot of fun. There was smoke, a disco ball, and a camera set up. The kids went crazy.

This is Nikki.

Kaylah is my cousins daughter, she is the one in the white tank w/ shorts.

This kid was so stinking funny! When his name was called he was no where to be found. A few minutes later he came out of the bathroom dressed like this. Then he sang a Elvis song! It was awesome.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mitchel and Melissa's Wedding 9-13-09

I thought this wedding was one of the most beautiful ever. I loved the COLORS! I kinda wish I had these colors for my wedding. All of these weddings are making me want to have another one. Maybe Jesse and I can have another for our 50th Anniversary, 46 years to go!!

I know you can't see the bridesmaids shoes, but they were all RED and all a different styles!

Isn't her hair cute?

Yup! That is an ice sculpture!

This was one of the coolest things ever! She had a candy table! It kinda was like going into a mini candy shop and getting all the free candy you wanted! YUM!!!

Awe, there we are.

Too bad this one is a little blurry.

Can you see the doves on the top of the cake? There are 2 little lady bugs too.

I was kinda just showing off the back of her dress. I like the ones that lace up.

Awe, again!

They even lit candles on the pool!!!

Our little (big) J.D.

Here are some pictures of J.D.
The first 5 are from pictures we took of him at 4 months.

He usually does not sleep like this, so when I saw him I had to take a picture.

People say that he looks like Jesse a lot.
I kinda see it in these pictures, but I really don't see it any other time.

This was before he could sit up very well
and would bend over a little instead of sitting up straight.

Grandma Farnsworth got to hold him for a quite while and I think she loved it.

This picture kinda stinks but he was so happy that I had to put it up.

This was J.D.'s first food. Other than rice cereal. He was eating prunes.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Natasha and Josh's Wedding 9-12-09

She pulled up in a Corvette!!


First dance as Husband and Wife!

Natasha and her daddy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jesse's Birthday!! 09-08-09

Happy Birthday Jesse!!
I married a 23 year old, where did that young guy go?

No I didn't make him light his own candles.
They just went out before he could blow them out, so he re-lit them.