Sunday, September 25, 2011

Micah and Leona 8-20-2011

The beautiful bride!

Isn't it strange when your younger siblings grow up? My little brother Micah got married last month. CRAZY! I still think they are too young. ;)

The groom and his groomsmen. (Yup, they are wearing Carhartts.)
My youngest brother, Javan, and me... Handsome isn't he?
My mom and dad.
My honey and I. Not a great pic.

JD kissing his Aunt Jianna

Leona's family.

My little man and I.

Mike, Leona, and Javan

And to think I never had any sisters!

Beautiful bouquet!

This cake looked amazing!

I want to eat them!

The beaming groom.

I think he is in love or something...

What a handsome couple!


Man, I have like 3 handsome brothers!

Mandy and Bri!

Bri and baby!


Here is my family. My older brother, Justin, is the only one not in this picture. Justin is in Iraq. He had planned to watch the wedding via Skype, however he had last minute orders and couldn't watch. We missed him so much!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Christie Grove and Sam Cronin's Wedding 8-13-2011

Well a month later and I finally get this post up... Christie Grove now Cronin is one of my best friends. I have known her my whole life. She is a sweet girl who found an amazing guy to call her own. Here are some of the prep photos. Of course we had to get manicures and pedicures! This was the day before the wedding.

Beautiful Christie getting her nails done.

I had to make this pic smaller b/c my friend Stefanie would not like this much. :) She was talking when I took the picture.

This was part 1 of her bachelorette party. We went on a photo scavenger hunt all over Boise.

Making an "S" with a stranger from Grover's.
(By the way Grover's bathroom is so clean and wonderful! A clean bathroom says a lot about a store, let me tell you!)
Christie getting her hair done just before the wedding!


Waiting to leave for the venue. Talk about a relaxed (looking) bride!

We had this little boy in the elevator take a picture of us bridesmaids in the ceiling mirror.My head is in the middle of the light.
  I was very impressed by Christie's budgeting skills! The day before the wedding she realized she still had a little money left over so she got a stretch Hummer. Here are some pictures from the hotel to the venue. 

This is Becky, Christie's sister, and me with some bug eyes.

This is Sam's sister Anna, me, and Becky

They couldn't stop kissing.... and they hadn't even said "I do" yet.

This was at the venue.... Stefanie being silly!

My handsome little ring boy!

The last kiss before the wedding.

The father and mother of the groom.

Adorable little flower girl.

The two most handsome little ring boys EVER!

Us ladies.

JD and Titus' penny loafers.

Mr. Titus

I love you and you love me
lets say "I do" and go the sea!

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cronin

Adorable cake!

Adorable bouquets!