Friday, February 06, 2015

Madison's birth story.

As I was starting to plan Madison's first birthday party I realized that I still need to tell about her birth storyl! 
Here it is, all the boring and exciting details that I can remember:
On March 16 (2014 of course) we were hoping baby Madison would come the next day, on St. Patrick's Day! I called my doctor to see what he thought about inducing me. (I was 5 days late, normally I am against inducing, but you know how it gets when you're waiting and waiting for your baby... I had already walked miles and miles the previous days.) He called the hospital and found out that the delivery room was already pretty full, and we would probably need to wait until tomorrow to start the inducing process. He called in a prescription of Cytotec for me to take orally. (I was induced with JD, at 10 days late, with Cytotec on my cervix. Also, I had taken Cytotec oraly with Elliott, 8 days late, to get my contractions going after I started labor.) On March 17 I took the first dose of Cytotec at 5 AM and the second at 9 AM. We were so sure that we would have a baby this day! I walked and walked and walked all over the house! It was such a windy day I didn't want to go outside and walk but I did a little bit. My friend Jessica Kenning came over expecting that we would all be going to the hospital soon. She was one of my Labor coping methods ;). She had learned all the pressure points and everything! I was not progressing very much so I texted Dr. Shappard back-and-forth trying to decide if I needed another dose or not. I took the third dose at 4 PM. If I was walking the contractions were two minutes apart, all afternoon, they were not lasting long and not very strong. If I sat down they were 5 to 10 or so minutes apart. I almost took the fourth dose at 10 PM but the contractions got stronger. We all went to bed hoping for rest. I was so tired. I was up a lot in the night but the contractions were not too painful yet. (I was so so anxious and worried when I went to bed. I called Dr. Shepherd in the night because I was starting to really shake and I was not able to control it. He said it was from the medication. Jesse helped me calm down and I was able to get a little rest.) 

At 6:30 AM on the 18th I heard JD jump out of bed and come to our room. He said he threw up! (JD was okay. He had bumped his head pretty hard the night before. I think that's why he threw up.) I sat up and had a contraction. The moment I stood up I felt my water break. I went to clean up JDs bed and then went to the bathroom to make sure it really broke. Sure enough my water had broke! Jessica Kenning came back over at about 7:30 or eight. I sat on the couch and when I would have a contraction Jessica rubbed some pressure points on my feet (and shoulders). My mom had done the same thing when I was laboring with Elliott. We talked to our Dr. again and told him that we needed to go to the hospital. Stef and Aunt Carolyn got here at 8:30 to nine-ish. Aunt Carolyn stayed with JD and Elliott (David and Melody were out of town). 

Jesse, Jess, and I left for the hospital in the Durango. Stef and Jianna were in Stefanie's car. We got to the hospital about 9:15ish. I'm guessing it took about 10 minutes to get there. Jesse got us there really quickly. My contractions were not too bad but I was so worried and almost anxious that they would get unbearable. I told Jesse that I might want an epidural, but he kept telling me I could do it. He knew that I'd really wanted to do another natural birth. My friend Jenny Fagan got there at about 10 AM-ish with a Tens Unit and a cloth for hip squeezes. (Info on tens unit a long piece of cloth to do double Hip squeezes ( 
Man, those things were amazing! Jianna, Stefanie, Jessica, and Jenny took turns rubbing a pressure point on my foot, pulling the two ends of the cloth for hip squeezes (it took 2 people to do that!), and pushing down on the back of my hips. I had pretty bad back labor and it helped when someone was pushing down on the back of my hips. I really had my own personal team helping me out! Those methods helped me so much, I would recommend them to anyone! Poor Jesse, no one would let him do anything. And I really just needed him to stay at my head and give me comfort. 

The nurse check me when I first came in, at 9:15ish, and I was dilated to a three and 60 or 70% thinned. She checked me again, maybe around 11:30, and I was dilated to seven and almost all the way thinned. I think that was when they called our Dr.. I remember that I felt like I might want to push soon. Jesse texted Dr. Shappard at 11:40 saying that I wanted to push. 

Just before this nurses and people kept coming in to try to get an IV in me. I have some pretty tough veins or something because it's always been hard for me to get my blood drawn. There must've been two or three people that had to poke me and they couldn't get anything. They called some expert guy to come in and do it, and he didn't even get it the first time. I was too busy laboring to remember how many pokes I had, I think 4-5 times total (I has some amazing bruises after all that), it sure was annoying! They finally got an IV and left me alone. 

At 12:09 we got to hold our sweet Madison Angela! She was 7lbs 14oz and 20 1/2 inches long. She was posterior (hence the back labor pain) and the cord was wrapped around her neck. She had a lot of long dark hair and dark blue eyes!

I actually kept the text messages, from my doctor, so that I could remember all this better. Here are the messages (you can skip this part if it's boring to you ;) this is mostly for me in like 5 years when I want to remember)

March 16, 2014, 6:32pm (we were headed home from a really really really long walk in our new neighborhood when I sent him this message)
Me: Hey! It's Jessica. What are your thoughts on inducing tonight or tomorrow? :)
Dr: U read my mind.  Can I call u in 5 minutes ?
Me:Sounds good 

March 17, 2014, 8:05am
Me: I took 1/4 of the pill at 5am, then went back to bed. Nothing yet.  
Dr: What strength is the pill?  200 mcg?
Me: Yes

Dr: K.  Text me at 9 with an update.  Thx!  It'll happen...
Me: Ok :) thanks 

Me: Not much happening ;( maybe more Braxton hicks but nothing like contractions....
Dr: K. Take another quarter tab.  
Me: Ok 

Dr: How goes it?

Me: Too good :) Every once in a while I'll have a tiny contraction... I tried to take a nap and I think it made things slow down. :(
Dr: So no pattern?
Me: No :(
Dr: Would u say ur more campy?
Me: Yes. 

Dr: Don't re dose yet. Text me about 130 please.  Cool?
Me: Ok!

Me: Ok so I'm pacing around my house and making Jesse keep track of when I get crampy. They are just like teeny tiny sharp contractions that are on average 2 minutes apart. 

Dr: Go walk for an hour & see what happens.  Don't want to overdo it. K?

Me: Sounds good :)

3:00 pm
Dr: Are they spacing out or increasing in intensity?
Me: They are 2-3 minutes apart. A little more in intensity, not a ton. I do feel like walking helps But boy am I tired of walking! 😁
Dr: K.  Can't re dose the medication until they space out.... If they space out.  Be in touch.  Let's see where it goes...
Me: Ok is it alright if I take a break from walking ?

Dr: Take a break

Me: Getting a little discouraged. They are getting a little stronger but since I have not been walking as much the last hour they are about 6-10 minutes apart. Anything I should be doing?

Dr: Dose it again..

Dr: Cool?
Me: Just took it! :)

Dr: I think we're on the brink...
Me: Oh good! :)

Dr: How are u?
Me: Still good. They are stronger but about 10 minutes or more apart. 
Not terribly strong though :(
Dr: Have u rested?
Me: Yeah. I just rested for half an hour or so. Just got up a couple min ago. 
Dr: If u were at the hospital it still would have taken this long.  Ugh.  Hang in there.  We r nudging your cervix along!  ;)
Me: Ok :) should we go to bed like normal? We usually go to bed 10 ish. Or should I try to walk around more. 
Dr: Text me at 9 & we'll decide on another dose, but yes, plan on bed at 10ish.  This is ripening your cervix - sorry it's taking so long.
Me: I'm just glad to hear it's doing something :) feels like it's not doing much. 
Dr: I think we'll probably dose it at 9 & then let y'all sleep & reassess in the morning,
Me: Ok. 

Me: Alright so they are 5-6 minutes apart. A bit stronger and more uncomfortable. 

Dr: Interesting. Have u dosed the medication?
Me: No. The last 2 were 9 and 8 minutes apart. 

Dr: Hmm. What do u think?  

Me: Ug! I'm not sure. I'm pretty tired right now and want to sleep, but I also want a baby. :S 
Dr: If they r 7-9 minutes apart at 10, u could dose again & go to bed. Keep in touch.
Me: Ok will do. Thank you!

Me: Ok going to bed. I didn't take the dose because they are 4-5 minutes apart and about 30 seconds long.  
Dr: U r getting the hang of it!  Ha.  Rest.  Text me if things gets "for real"
Me: Ok!

Me: I'm sorry if your sleeping! I'm shaking a lot. Like I'm cold but I'm not. The contractions are farther apart but stronger.  Still 30 ish seconds apart 

Dr: It's the medicine - no worries.  Try to get rest. 

March 18, 2014, 7:08am
Me: My water broke at 6:30. Contractions are 10 min apart lasting about a minute
Dr: Perfect.  Let it build a bit before going in.  Did u sleep?
Me: Ok. Not a lot. Mostly from like 4:30 to 6:30
Dr: Is the water clear?
Me: Pinkish
Dr: Cool 
U can eat some breakfast.  Nothing too heavy though.  It could still be later today before we have a baby.
Me: Ok. 
Dr: use 
(I think that "use" was a typo, I can't remember though)

Dr: I'll call u in 20 min or so & we can chat

Dr: Contracting more?
Me: Yes

Jesse: She is wanting to go to the hospital 

(Dr. Called Jesse and said to go in)

Jesse: Checked in, Jess is doing good but really sore, contractions are getting worse. 

Jesse: She was asking for Epidural.... Something she has never wanted. But she wanted me to tell you. 

Dr: Nurse updated me.  I think it's fine.  Her call.  The cervix exam is changed from last Friday - hang in there.  Ill be by over lunch.

Jesse: K she wants to push but she only a 7. 
Dr: Epidural?
Jesse: There coming fast now
The nurse is going to contact you

Dr: I'm on my way now.  

Dr: Try to help her breate thru & not push yet

Dr:  5 minutes

Jesse: She thinks she coming

Dr: 2 minutes
Jesse:She wants to push

Dr: 60 seconds

(I was trying so hard to wait for our dr. and I did it!! Madison was born at 12:09pm on our drs lunch break!! I think he said he only had to miss 1 or 2 patients in his office. Haha!). 

Dr: Nice work!!!  Wow.  Didn't think I was going to make it.

Dr: How goes it?
Me: Great!! :)
Dr: I'll be in after 10 tomorrow morning
Me: Ok sounds good!

Well that is the story of how our Madison was born! I cannot believe how fast a year goes! I really missed my parents being here to see her when she was born and to see my kids and Jianna growing. I have so much comfort from the knowledge that they are in the presence of our God! And maybe... Just maybe... they can see a little I what's going on around here :)