Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Oregon/Washignton tirp Feb 2013

We had a fun trip to Oregon and Washington last week.

We left Wednesday morning and since Pendleton is a great half way stop, we stayed the night there with Jesse's cousin's family. We had a lot of fun that night hanging out with family and playing Wits and Wagers (awesome game!). 

On Friday we met up with the Beckham family! JD LOVED playing with their 5 kiddos.

 Abby and Elliott

This is a little park area by Jeff and Erin's new house.
JD had fun feeding the ducks and seagulls.

 This was a cute old little couple that made me happy.... so I took their picture. :)

JD and his cousin Nathan hanging out and reading books one morning.

Terrible picture, but I liked it anyway!


Saturday we went to Jesse's old roommates wedding.

This is Phil and Monica holding Elliott in the pictures below. 
We are excited for their wedding this summer!

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