Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer 2013 Part 3

This summer we had to say goodbye to my "little" brother Micah and his wife Leona. They are joined my other "little" brother, Javan, in Vernal Utah, working for Cameron. ("Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries." Haha.) Not long after they bought a home in Vernal, we found out that they are expecting a BABY at the end April! Jesse and I have a nephew on Jesse's side of the family (and in a couple weeks will have 2 nephews!), but this will be the first for my siblings!

Leona, Micah, and Leona's brother

Giving Aunt Leona bye bye  kisses.


Jesse, JD, Titus, Stefanie, Barrett and I went to the Western Idaho Fair in August. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Joe watched Elliott so she wouldn't get all hot, grumpy, and tired. 

Titus and JD

Playing in beans.
Feeding goats

Having a blast on JD's first fair ride EVER!
Look at those faces!

JD picked a boat with 2 girls on it!

August 31st Jesse and I had the amazing privilege of going to the brand new Husky Stadium! The game just happened to be against Boise State! The stadium was beautiful and the game was AMAZING! 38 to 6! 

Pretty good seats!

 While we were in Seattle for the game we met up with an old friend of Jesse's and her family. Here they are playing in the pool at our hotel.

Elliott getting tired from all the swimming.
JD soaking in the sun.
Also, while in Seattle we were able to spend an entire day with Great Grandma Davolt.

A week after the Husky game Jesse's cousin was married in Canada! So we stayed the week in Seattle and stayed in Canada on a Friday and Saturday.

This was the pool in our Canada hotel! Jesse is coming down the slide with Elli. Jenn and JD are off to the right side.
Jesse's cousin Mike hugging his mother, during the wedding.

The kiss!

The song.
Jesse and his Grandma at the reception.

Sweet glances.
Jeff dancing with Aunt Debbie.

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