Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer 2013 part 1

What have the Davolts been up to this summer?

Well... we have been hanging out at Church.

 We played in the pool at Grandma and Grandpa Davolts with Aunt Jianna

We took a trip to Seattle for Phil and Monica's wedding and Aunt Jianna went with us!
We had some fun adventures!

Waiting for a ferry (Aunt Jiannas first ride!).

Family pictures with the space needle in the background.

The space needle is back there, I promise!

We went to Juanita beach with Uncle Rob and Aunt Marlene

This was at the "rehearsal dinner" at Three Tree Point.

Pictures from the wedding

Kinda blurry... Sorry.

And when we got home....

We went to the Meridian Speedway races with JD's buddy Titus. Boy were they loud!

We watched a local baseball game at the Hawks stadium with Titus and his Dad Scott.

We sold Jesse's F150...                                          .... and bought a Durango

Took some pictures of the cousins

This past week we drove our new Durango to Mt. Rainier. It was Pleasant Valley Christian Camp's Family Camp and we sure had a blast.

Memorial for Jesse's grandpa.

This was on our cabin door at camp.

Grandpa putting Elliott to sleep... or is Elli putting Grandpa to sleep?

Daddy rescuing JD from the top

Painting a bird house

Well, that sums up the first part of our 2013 summer! Next month we have ticktets for the Huskies vs. BSU football game (GO HUSKIES!!) in Seattle and a week after that Jesse's cousin is getting married in Canada. So we are planning a trip out of the country, a first for JD, Elliott, and myself! Lots planned for the rest of summer 2013! BET 'CHA CANT WAIT FOR PART 2!

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