Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our big 1 year old Elliott!

This post is past due by almost a month! But here we go anyway. Oh what a joy Elliott is to us. She received a shirt from her Grandma and Grandpa Davolt that sums her up pretty well, "Daddy's Firecracker". She is definitely a firecracker! I wouldn't say she's often a crazy loud illegal firecracker, just one of the little ones that are fun. She is so full of personality. Elliott loves music and dancing, she knows quite a few words and signs, she likes puzzles and books, and she definitely loves her Daddy (and he loves her back!). She will exclaim/half scream "Haaaaa" for "Hi", wave her hand up and down and give a shyish smile when she is excited to see someone. She said "stinky" today as I changed her diaper. She does a great versions of patty cake and peek a boo. Elli is very deliberate in the things she does, knowing what she wants and making sure you know it too. She is sweet and silly on purpose. Now, that she is almost 13 months old, she prefers to walk and she WALKS EVERY WHERE. If you ever get a hold of her you just have to kiss those cute little cheeks! (And you probably wont be able to stop kissing them. :) At least Mommy can't stop.)

For Elliotts birthday I couldn't find a theme that I was crazy excited about, not like the way I was excited about JD's superhero theme. As her birthday party day got closer I was kinda glad I didn't have a theme because then I didn't have as many things to plan and worry about. I pretty much just wanted her to have a fun cake and have a girly headband/hair flower "decorating station" at the party. I wanted to spend as little as possible so I made as many things myself as possible. For example, the fondant for the cake was made out of marshmallows and powdered sugar, I spent weeks making fabric, crocheted, and felt flowers, and the paper chains took forever too. The week prior to the party my little sister, Jianna, came and stayed with us and helped me out a ton! Here are pictures from the party, boy did we have fun:

Aunt Jianna, Great Gram L, "Aunt" Nicole, and Little Ethan
He loves me!

Baby Lela

Papa, Great Aunt Carolyn holding Elliott and Great Uncle Joe

Nana and Great Aunt Loretta

Wayne Kenning and Great Uncle Joe

Great Gram L, Grandma, "Auntie" Cole, Ethan, and "Auntie" Jess

"Aunite" Jess holding Lela, Joanne, Great Grandma Farnsworth in the background, Aunt Leone, and Great Aunt Carolyn

Great Grandma Farnsworth

Great Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Jianna, JD, and Great Aunt Loretta

Mommy and Aunt Leona
Josh, Grandpa, Aunt Jenni, and JD
Ethan and "Auntie" Cole

Viseth, Daro, Andi, Elliott and Ailsa

Ailsa, Great Uncle Joe, and Papa

Great Aunt Mary Lynn, Great Gram L, and Grandma

"Auntie" Jess, and Donna holding Lela

Smelling a rose from "Aunie/Grandma" Fay

Opening presents

Cute little dress!

Fun twin dolls!


Don't you just want to kiss her little cheeks?

Eating her first cake!

Mommy and Aunt Jianna

Paper chains!

Big brother loving the cake!

OK!! Here was the headband/flower making station. I wanted to use a bigger table but alas there is no room for that in our house. 

These are the amazing creations that Elliott's guests made!

Big birthday girl ready for bed!

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  1. I've been waiting anxiously for a new post! Looks like everyone had fun celebrating Elliott's birthday.