Thursday, January 05, 2012

Boy or Girl?

So will baby #2 be a boy or a girl? I don't want to find out! So, unless I change my mind last minute, it will be a secret! Here are some predictions in the mean time: quiz said, Its a girl!
-Chinese Lunar Calendar, Its a boy!
-Drano Test, Its a girl! Or a boy... Depends on what color you choose to believe... the test came out yellowish... well, actually it didn't change color. (Don't worry I was very careful!)
-The Mayan Tale, mothers age at conception + year of conception = odd number: boy! 
-Acne Myth, girl! Sort of anyway, I have had a little more acne, but not a lot.
-Shape of mothers face, girl! Ick! I hate how round my face is getting! Ugly!
-Cravings, Girl! I haven't had any cravings really. However, I have been eating a ton of sugar. Bad me! 
-Garlic, ??. Yeah, I'm not eating a clove of garlic! 
-The old wives tales test, 53% girl! 47% Boy!  
-Hair on legs growing faster, ??. I shave my legs every other day so that's kinda hard to tell.
-Baby's heart rate at 18 weeks, 162 girl!
-Daddy gains weight or not, boy! Jesse is not gaining weight. :-(
-Wedding ring predictor, swings in a circular motion girl!
-Carrying high or low, I'm just going to say girl! because I can still button my pants. But, I could during my whole pregnancy with JD. So this is kinda a toss up. boy!
-Mothers age at time of conception, 26 in September girl!

There is this crazy lady that says that you can predict the sex of your next child by the hair line in the back of your previous child's head... Yeah, that sounds nuts! I can't tell by JD's hair because he just got a hair cut. But if you want to check this strange method out here is the link:

Another reason I think its a girl! is because the past 2 or 3 (or longer?) generations of Davolts, the male side, have had a boy first and then a girl for their second child. 
I could be mistaken but I believe Jesse's Grandma D said that Jesse's Great Grandpa Davolt had a son and then a daughter. Jesse's Grandpa had a son then a daughter. Jesse's Uncle had a son then a daughter. Jesse's Dad had a son then a daughter.

Don't tell Jesse, ITS A GIRL!! Well actually only Jesus knows right now...

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