Friday, September 04, 2009

Grandpa's funeral 08/29/09

I don't know what I did to make all these pictures blurry... but, if you click on them to open them in another browser, they are mostly clear.

This arrangement was perfect for my Grandpa. He was not a flowery kind of guy. He was a cowboy. These were his boot, hat, rope, and his brand.

It may seem strange to some people to see his body and to have an open casket. A lot of people are cremated these days. However, it was such a comfort to see him for the last time! To know that he was not in his body any more and was in Heaven.

All the Grandchildren had boutonnieres that we laid on
his casket when we buried him.
This was mine.

My Dad gave a speech about my Grandpa. It was so hard for him, but he did awesome! Dad mentioned how Grandpa made a lot of sacrifices so that his family could go to Church every Sunday and how he taught his children to love the Lord. My Dad has done the same thing with his kids. I pray with all my heart that I can raise my family the same way, to teach them what should come first in their lives.

I had no idea we were taking his body to the cemetery in a horse and buggy.
It was absolutely perfect!

It's not very clear in this picture but you can see my Grandma and Grandpa's name there.

It was a wonderful tribute to an amazing Godly man.


  1. so sorry for your loss...sounds like a wonderful man went to be with jesus and it looks like a beautiful funeral. What a testiment.

  2. Jessica, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It brings back memories of when I lost my Grandpa. Looks like the funeral was perfect for him and left your family at peace with his departing. ~Alisha