Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'm not a big baking/cooking person. I like to do it, but, my husband does not eat food (ok he does eat food but he only likes what he is used to), so I don't like to cook if he wont eat it. However, we received a "Four Ingredient Cook Book" for a wedding present and I have decided to make everything in this cookbook. Even if it takes me a decade I am determined to do this.
Here is the first thing in the cook book:

Cottage Cheese Dip
1. 1 Carton (24 oz.) Cottage Cheese
2. 1 Envelope Herb-Ox Dry Broth Mix
(this was hard to find, I ended up just using a spoonful from a jar not envelope)
3. 1/3 Cup Milk

Blend all ingredients, chill and serve with chips or fresh vegetables.

(I put some herbs on the top to make it look good. lol)


  1. Hey Davolt Family! I have a 5-ingredient cookbook that I love. The recipes are quick and easy and Mark enjoys them as well. I want to know some more things you cook and whether or not Jesse eats them!

  2. Im so glad you posted a comment. I was afraid that something was wrong and people couldn't comment.
    I am hoping to find (at least a few) things that Jesse will like!! I have thought of making a blog just for the food from my cookbook, but I guess there is a movie coming out about that and I don't want people think that i copied the movie. lol. Because I totally thought about doing it before i saw the preview.

  3. So, how did it taste? Did Jesse try some? I sometimes have the same problem with Jeff (he likes what he likes).

  4. Jesse has not tried the dips I made but he tried the cheesecake. He said it was alright. That is what he always says. 'Its alright'. I guess he wouldn't eat it if he didn't like it. :)